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My passion for organization and weddings was born at an early age. I enjoyed organizing the weddings of the dolls and then of the girlfriends, using pieces of cloth and veil given by some aunt and already married cousin I made the dress and then on the bicycles I attached the empty Latinas and the Just Married sign ah and I also acted as a celebrant .

Growing up my course of study, however, leads me to approach the world of tourism but organizing tours and trips is not enough for me and the passion for the world of weddings begins to come alive again. So I decide to attend (on the advice of a dear friend) a course for Wedding Planner and every weekend for many months I go up and down from Bologna to learn as much as possible about this wonderful profession.

I have been part of the world of events in all respects since 2014, first working for other agencies and in 2015 Zenzero e Cannella Wedding and Events was born.

A passion that comes from a long time ago

I accompany couples through all stages of the organization and my goal is to get them to marry

as relaxed as possible,

with budget and any problems under control and free to experience all the wonderful emotions of the day.

I strongly believe in collaboration and my motto (taken from the lyrics of a song) is:


If you are about to get married but you don't know where to start, call me a coffee and a chat can only do you good.


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